Tyga Can't Get Enough of Kylie Jenner's Butt in Steamy New Snapchat (VIDEO)

kylie jenner

Get a room, guys! Kylie Jenner recently shared a Snapchat where she and Tyga are making out. In some respects, this is a cute idea, because aww, they're still so in love, etc. But, in others? No. Kylie and Tyga aren't just kind of making out in this video. They're going at it; Tyga is grabbing Kylie's butt and all. Some things just shouldn't be put on the Internet, Kylie. 


That said, since it is on the Internet, here's the clip so you can see. Obviously, this couple is super in love, but holy moly!

Whether this was staged or not, there's no denying that these two crazy kids are the real deal. Passion like that can't be faked!

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As unnecessary as this Snapchat is, it's pretty cute that Kylie and Tyga are still going strong and are this in love. We all thought they'd last approximately five minutes, and here they are a year or so later, still super in love. 

Kylie Snapchats every little thing that goes on in her life, so it's no surprise that this little gem is on there as well. But just a heads up, Kylie: Some things are better when they're left for yourself.  


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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