Jana Duggar Takes on the 'Boys' Roles' in New 'Counting On' Promo

Our favorite enigma in the Duggar-verse is and will always be Jana Duggar -- how's she doing? Is she looking for love or is she happy being single? Does she like taking care of all her siblings or does she want a break? Is she really Cinderella? Since the new promo for this week's Counting On stars Jana, we were hoping we'd get our answers ... but we're not so sure we did.


The promo opens with Jessa and Spurgeon waiting for Jana to come over and deal with the subpar lighting situation in Jessa's house. Jana, who's always perfect, shows up armed with Google and a long list of solutions, ready to fix Jessa's problems.

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Jana doesn't seem upset about it, but we're wondering if we should be upset on her behalf. Watch TLC's promo here:

What we're hearing is that Jana's the only Duggar daughter willing to step up when they boys "aren't around," and her sisters take advantage of that. But, considering Jana's the sweetest person on this planet, it could just be that's she's ready and willing to help.

She's gotten the nickname "Cinderella" in the past for basically being asked to raise Jim Bob and Michelle's kids and run their home for them. Maybe she likes it, maybe not. Either way, we'd sure like to find out. Maybe this week's Counting On will give us the answers we need?


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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