Josh Duggar Is Reportedly Having a Tough Time Out of Rehab

Josh Duggar

Things don't seem to be going well on the Duggar front. Well, at least not for one person in particular. Reports are surfacing that the family is ignoring Josh Duggar now that he's out of rehab and back in Arkansas -- which begs the question: Can time really heal all wounds?


Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

Sources close to the 28-year-old are speaking up about all the drama that's not happening in front of the cameras (at least not for now). Not only has life been full of walking on eggshells for Josh, but apparently the Duggars are also completely ignoring him. (His wife Anna still remains by his side.)

Here's what an unnamed insider told

He [Josh] feels horribly guilty about everything he has done to his family, and so he does not want to be seen right now. What’s worse is that no one wants to visit him. He is being shunned by his big family. The other Duggar family members are ignoring him and refuse to acknowledge that he is back.

The same "source" also reveals that Josh isn't doing well ... at all.

Life out of rehab is not getting any easier for him. Josh is really sad right now and feels overwhelmingly disgraced. He is afraid to go anywhere. He is in hiding and not coming out for anything. Josh is depressed and not dealing well with life after rehab and scandal.

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Man, I'm not even going to try to Dr. Phil this situation.

This has got to be tough. While I'm sure Josh's family is walking on the road to forgiveness, that doesn't mean the journey will happen overnight. I imagine it will take time and healing. 

I hope the Duggars are able to get the counseling and any other help they might need to get through this mess, for the sake of the children involved.



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