Perspectives: Amber Rose & Her Near-Naked Photos Are Exactly What Women Need

The Internet has been on fire with comments and a plethora of news reports of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian's nude pics -- er, their most recent nude pics. Neither of these ladies has ever shied away from a chance to pose for the camera wearing little to nothing, but here's the tough truth: The feminist movement needs these women, and Amber's recent statement (or, latest NSFW tweet? See below) for causes such as her Slut Walk and Free The Nipple proves that.

Hear us out. Although we're used to Rose (or Muva, as her fans refer to her) sharing her naked body with us, she and her nakedness are indeed necessary. The mere fact that so many "feminists" fear her -- well, that's exactly why we need her. Think about it: It's usually the cultural norms we fear most that are the ones needing to be broken. Who told us nakedness wasn't okay? Why is it acceptable in certain cultures and professions, but not for our own self-esteem? More importantly, why isn't our public nudity welcome? These are questions that need answers.
Nonetheless, because so many still view her as an object -- never an artist, entrepreneur, and above all a woman -- her powerful "free the nipple" message risks becoming lost, along with any others she sends.

While the feminist movement is not a movement that can be summed up by one woman or definition, I do believe we have one common goal in general, which is to erase the sexist standards society has been conditioned to stand by.
However, because of the double standards many women hold -- as Rose mentioned when she brought up Beyonce never getting flack for twerking on stage -- the photo will become subject to slut shaming, instead of being appreciated for what it is and the power it holds.
But let me say this: Cherry-picking feminism is not an option. We can't condone calling women sluts because of how they dress and then hope that victims of rape won't be made to feel minimized because of what they were wearing that night.
Rose (being a woman who does dress sexy and, sometimes, scantily) has a point of view that we don't get to hear often enough. Sometimes being unique makes more of a splash for a cause than outright boycotting does -- and she is that splash for feminism. For the Amber Roses and Kim Kardashians of the world, feminism is nudity -- the longer we, as women, deny them that right, the longer men will deny us everything.

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