Watch Insanely Cool Emma Watson Beatbox for Feminism With Lin-Manuel Miranda (VIDEO)

Emma Watson and her #HeForShe campaign is helping make feminism a bit more fun and light, and that's a great thing for gender equality. Just check out this video she made with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda where she beatboxes over his freestyle rap on equality.


Yep. You read that right. Miranda, who is known for his freestyle rap skills, comes up with an impromptu flow inspired by his views on feminism -- while Watson is beatboxing. And it looks like it isn't her first attempt at the skill. It just might be the coolest thing you'll see all day.

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Miranda shared the video on his Facebook page with the title "Drop the Beat" and the following caption: "And here's a SHORT clip of Emma Watson beatboxing while I freestyle about #HeForShe, if you only have 3 minutes. This was so fun." 

And it really is.

Emma Watson, Drop The Beat

And here's a SHORT clip of Emma Watson beatboxing while I freestyle about #HeForShe, if you only have 3 minutes. This was so fun.

Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Besides Miranda's insane amount of talent and Watson's British charm, they're making a much more important statement about gender equality than just some goofy rap could ever communicate. They're taking a topic like feminism, which has turned into a total drag for people to discuss because it's become so negative, and making it just a little more fun. Short. Not complicated. Not angry.

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And that's really the beauty of Emma Watson's work for the UN's #HeForShe campaign -- giving a fresh, new, very beautiful face to associate with women's rights. And with videos like this, her incredible speeches, and star power like Miranda's and so many others', it looks like it's working.

I also love the way Emma makes it a point to use the word "feminism" in the video. Not just because we should all embrace the word, but also because she has the power to reclaim it and make it mean something more modern.

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Here's just a taste of the feedback she's getting on social media -- a far cry from the hate most ladies who talk about feminism catch.

Nice work, Em and Lin-Emanuel, and thanks for giving feminism a little dash of fun by sharing your lovable take. We need more people like them talking about feminism and gender equality and helping to make it part of everyday, casual conversation. This is a fantastic start.



Image via Lin-Manuel Miranda/Facebook

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