Prince Harry Compared to Diana for His Inspirational Work With Wounded Veterans

Talk about a hero! As if we needed a reason to crush on him even harder, Prince Harry opened up about his work with wounded war veterans on Good Morning America this week. After 10 years in the British Army, Captain Wales was inspired to help those who had been wounded during their service -- both physically and psychologically.


The 31-year-old talked to Robin Roberts about the Invictus Games, which he started in London in 2014. The second Invictus Game is coming up in May in Orlando, and Harry has been hands-on training with Team Great Britain. Hundreds of service members and vets from around the world will come together to compete, and show off the fact that they can't be kept down.

Harry explained, "No one wants sympathy. All they want is an opportunity to prove themselves, and that's what this is all about." Athletes will compete in a variety of challenges, including cycling, wheelchair basketball, rugby, swimming, and even sitting volleyball.

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He continued by saying that we've never had so many vets survive horrific injuries and amputations before. He said, "I'm now lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters ... You want a definition of inspiration? That's probably it."

Harry explained that being in the army made him feel like a part of a team, and gave him a sense of belonging and accomplishment. After seeing some horribly wounded vets on a plane in 2013, he was inspired to figure out a way to become an advocate for wounded soldiers, and help them recover and rehabilitate.

"I get inspired by them," Prince Harry said. "How could you not be inspired by them, just by seeing what they do ... These people are role models and they need to be. It needs to be celebrated more amongst society."

He also has a soft spot for helping victims with "invisible injuries," namely mental illness after the trauma of war. And he has a great way of looking at post-traumatic stress disorder -- he wants to drop the "D" and hopefully the stigma as well.

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"Not everybody that leaves [war], in fact, a very small number of people that leave the forces are diagnosed with PTS," he explained. "PTS, for argument's sake, as opposed to the 'D,' because the disorder piece I think is, it just doesn't, the wording doesn't work for me."

He believes that a big part of helping soldiers with psychological illnesses is catching it early. To do that, the stigma has to go away, so those who are suffering will be more likely to seek help.

Prince Harry definitely has our hearts with his kindness and desire to use his position for such a worthy cause. The folks at GMA said that he reminds them of his mom, Princess Diana, and I couldn't agree more. I think she'd be absolutely bursting with pride for her son, and right there with him encouraging the vets.


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