23 Throwback Pics of Kendall Jenner That Are Extremely Surprising

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With her perennially fresh face, Kendall Jenner may not seem like she's changed that much over the years, but the supermodel has come a long way from her teeny-bopper tomboy days. In fact, in some throwback photos of Kendall, it's almost impossible to believe there was a time when she looked like that! Thanks to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we've been able to watch her and her sister Kylie grow up into the beautiful women they are today -- but it's fun to talk a walk down memory lane as well. 


She's always been drop dead gorgeous, but she certainly wasn't always as glam as she is now. But that's what glow ups are for, right? And Kendall definitely had a major one. 

Everyone has those awkward years when you're just trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be, but Kendall had all of these moments caught on camera and in photographs thanks to her family's fame. We know Kendall probably has different feelings about this than us, but we are so grateful to have the evidence of the model becoming who she is now. It's always nice to take a look back at where you came from, right?

So, if you've forgotten what it was like when Kendall wasn't the sleek and sophisticated supermodel she is now, we've got you covered. Here, 16 old school photos of Kendall Jenner that prove that even world famous models have slightly awkward stages. 

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