23 Throwback Pics of Kendall Jenner That Are Extremely Surprising

23 Throwback Pics of Kendall Jenner That Are Extremely Surprising
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With her perennially fresh face, Kendall Jenner may not seem like she's changed that much over the years, but the supermodel has come a long way from her teeny-bopper tomboy days. In fact, in some throwback photos of Kendall, it's almost impossible to believe there was a time when she looked like that! Thanks to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we've been able to watch her and her sister Kylie grow up into the beautiful women they are today -- but it's fun to talk a walk down memory lane as well. 

She's always been drop dead gorgeous, but she certainly wasn't always as glam as she is now. But that's what glow ups are for, right? And Kendall definitely had a major one. 

Everyone has those awkward years when you're just trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be, but Kendall had all of these moments caught on camera and in photographs thanks to her family's fame. We know Kendall probably has different feelings about this than us, but we are so grateful to have the evidence of the model becoming who she is now. It's always nice to take a look back at where you came from, right?

So, if you've forgotten what it was like when Kendall wasn't the sleek and sophisticated supermodel she is now, we've got you covered. Here, 16 old school photos of Kendall Jenner that prove that even world famous models have slightly awkward stages. 

  • Pre-Eyebrow Game


    Tonya Wise/London Ent /Splash News

    Kendall Jenner has good eyebrows now. They look perfectly fine in this photo, but they're definitely not the ones we're used to seeing. That said, how cute does Kendall look here?!

  • Hiding Behind Kim


    Robinson/Splash News

    Aside from the fact that this isn't really an outfit Kendall would wear these days, look at her body language. She seems so much more secure and confident these days. 

  • Old-School Everyone


    Tonya Wise/London Ent /Splash News

    So cute! Throwbacks all around! Kendall looks absolutely stunning here, but there's no mistaking that this is before she became the supermodel she is today. 

  • Young Aunt


    Mike/Splash News

    Way back when Kendall first became an aunt. Aww. How adorable. And actually, this outfit kind of seems like something Kendall might wear now -- except for the fact that the T-shirt is pink.

  • Nice Gams!


    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Legs for daaaaayyyys. It's easy to see why Kendall wound up being a supermodel. Holy hotness!

  • Long-Haired Kendall


    Nancy Rivera/Splash News

    This photo is proof that all of the Kardashian-Jenner girls had hair extensions at one point or another. 

  • A Star Is Born


    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    One of Kendall's first modeling gigs was for the Hello Kitty collection at Forever 21. She's come a long way, baby!

  • Cutesy Cutesy


    David Tingey/Splash News

    Both girls look so pretty! But they're definitely more "cool girl" these days than the cutesy looks they've got going on here. 

  • Beach Babe


    PaulSmith/WhiteSands/Splash News

    Another one of Kendall's early modeling jobs was for White Sands Australia. Looks quite different from Kendall's current modeling gigs, but still, so gorgeous. 

  • Blonde Kendall


    Twitter/Splash News

    Anyone remember when Kendall went blonde? ... Anyone?

  • Brows!


    Rob Latour for LE/Splash News

    Kendall definitely seems like here's where she's starting to become comfy with being a model. Also, there are her famous brows!

  • Baby Kenny


    Sultana/Splash News

    Aww, Kendall looks so young here! Too cute!

  • Modeling Twins


    Janet Mayer/Splash News

    Who knew Kendall and Kylie did a little modeling together back in the day?

  • Fun in the Sun


    Canham/Beetham/Splash News

    That awkward moment when you realize you've got tan lines, but only a strapless dress to wear. 

  • How's the Chicken?


    London Ent/Splash News

    Kendall, though abnormally attractive, really just looks like a typical high school student here, munching on some chicken fingers at a game. 

  • Kendall & Mason


    MAP/Splash News

    Kendall looks super cute here, but OMG MASON IN A WHITE BUTTON-DOWN ONESIE!!! The cuteness is real!

  • Whoa Baby!


    Image via INFPhoto.com

    Kendall was the cutest little girl ever!

  • Sisters


    Image via Tonya Wise/London Entertainment/Splash News

    Pre-supermodel days, Kendall was still quite the looker.

  • Nanny Duty


    Image via Kaminski/Splash News

    Way to put her to work, Kourt & Scott!

  • Little Girl


    Image via IOS/London Entertainment/Splash News

    Kendall still hadn't quite grown up when this shot was taken.

  • Baby Sis


    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Doubt there was any competition between sisters back then ...

  • Team Edward, or Team Jacob?


    Oh god. Remember the Twilight era? Well, even baby Kendall and Kylie wanted part of the action. These two got together with friends to see New Moon in California. A classic 2009 past time. 

  • Riding in Style


    She has since upgraded to several different sports cars. 


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