Scott Disick's New Girlfriend Could Pass for Kendall Jenner's Twin (PHOTO)

scott disick

Well, this is a little uncomfy. Recently, Scott Disick was spotted out with a mystery woman, who -- uncomfy alert! -- looks almost exactly like Kendall Jenner. The woman is Christine Burke, and supposedly the pair have been hanging out lately. If Scott and Kourtney are officially over, good for him for dating. But sheesh, this similarity is weird!


According to a few sources, Scott and the 20-year-old model -- yes, she's a model, also -- are currently dating. The pair was seen dining at Nobu recently in LA, and earlier on in the month, Scott took Burke to Joe Francis's house in Mexico. Hmmm ... 

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If Scott and Kourtney are broken up -- which certainly seems to be the case -- he has every right in the world to date other people. But, the real question is: Should he? Not only has Scott been linked to Burke, but he also reportedly dated another model, Lina Sandberg, a few months ago. While dating people is great and all, um, shouldn't Scott be dating himself right now? The dude definitely still has some issues he needs to work on.

Odds are, things between Scott and his new lady won't last, as none of his relationships post-Kourtney have. Being that he still doesn't have his act together, Scott doesn't exactly seem like an easy person to have a relationship with. Until he gets the help he needs, he'll likely continue going from relationship to relationship (and pining for Kourtney in the process).

Also, the fact that Scott's new lady bears a resemblance to Kendall is definitely kind of creepy, but what can we say? Scott certainly has a type. 


Image via VIPix/Splash News

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