Anna Duggar's Faith Has Been Strengthened -- Thanks to Josh Being in Rehab

Josh and Anna DuggarWith Josh Duggar now out of rehab, things are going to get very interesting for this beloved reality family. One can only imagine the level of emotions felt and how things will likely never be the same. Yet, there still appears to be light at the end of this unfortunate tunnel. Opening up on Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar admitted Josh's rehab strengthened her faith, and that could be what she needs to forgive once and for all.


One can only imagine how incredibly hard a situation like this is, both on your marriage and your family. With four young children, Anna Duggar seems adamant about trying to rebuild her family.

Sharing her feelings on the March 15 premiere of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna talked about a visit she had with Josh while he was in rehab, and how it encouraged her to remain hopeful about their future:

This visit was great because it definitely gives a lot of hope, but also the weight of everything is there and so it definitely drives me deeper to my faith. God's grace can give me the strength to love Josh when others would say he doesn't deserve it.

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As a woman of faith myself, I agree that trusting in a higher power can help sustain you through your darkest times. Whether or not a person agrees with her decision, Anna is sticking by her husband -- for better, or for worse.

While the journey to redemption and forgiveness will likely be rocky for Anna, Josh, and their family, one can only hope they maintain a faith that all things will work for the better.

Stay strong, Anna.


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