20 Times Kanye West Should Have Been Embarrassed but Probably Wasn't (PHOTOS)

Meredith Gordon | Mar 23, 2016 Celebrities

Kanye WestKanye West can't seem to keep his foot, or his Twitter account, out of his mouth these days. It seems like every day, we wake up to some headline about him doing something outrageous -- and there seems to be no sign of this behavior ending anytime soon.

But as it turns out, Kanye has been dishing out crazy antics for years. Here are a few moments when he should've been totally embarrassed by himself, but probably wasn't.

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  • Twitter War With Amber


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    Kanye took Amber, and her kid, down on Twitter. Come on, Kanye! Everyone knows kids are off-limits when you're having a public temper tantrum!

  • Alexis Phifer


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    Phifer, West's former fiancé, is credited with upping his fashion game. Now, she's accusing Kim of copying hers. Kanye, why is everyone around you always fighting?

  • Brooke Crittendon Spills The Beans


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    They met while Crittendon was an assistant at MTV. A year later when the two broke up, Crittendon took to MySpace to speak her mind. Go, girl! Years later, Crittendon is still dishing the dirt on Kanye. Hmm.

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  • Now That's Nasty!


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    Rose and Kanye can't seem to stay out of each other's Twitter feeds. And according to Amber, that's not the only place Kanye liked to find Amber. We'd dish more details, but we've heard enough about their sex life as it is.

  • Taylor Swift, Part 1


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    Before Kanye claimed Beyonce had been robbed of a VMA by Taylor Swift, he was drinking Hennessy from the bottle on the red carpet. Maybe he should stick to water.

  • The 'SNL' Metldown


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    Kanye's meltdown backstage in his dressing room at 'SNL' was caught on videotape. Ouch. Kanye, are you blushing? We are.

  • What's Up With Wiz?


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    In Kanye's never-ending battle with ex Amber Rose, Kanye also took on Amber's ex, Wiz Khalifa. Play nice, Kanye!

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  • Taylor Swift, Part 2


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    After making nice with Taylor for his bullying, Kanye went and wrote a mean rap about her. Now what kind of apology is that?

  • Taylor Fights Back


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    Taylor finally fought back against Kanye, calling him a misogynist. We're not taking sides, but she does have a point. Shame on you, Kanye. You have a daughter of your own!

  • Yeezy


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    Kanye's Yeezy fashion line hasn't exactly been a hit, and he's supposedly millions in debt because of it. Hmm, mustard-colored leggings and leotards. So weird his clothes aren't a hit!

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  • Hey Zuckerberg, Can You Spare a Dime?


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    Kanye has made millions off album sales and tours, and yet he still asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for millions via the Internet. Uh, weird.

  • Kim's Stylist


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    Kim has been very forthcoming, admitting that since she and Kanye got married, he's been in charge of her wardrobe. That's not always a good thing. 

  • Oh God!


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    Kanye often compares himself to Jesus. Really?

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  • 241


    Image via Splash News

    On his latest album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye compliments himself 241 times. 240 we get. 241, that's too much.

  • Just Don't Do It


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    Kanye's Yeezy sneakers for Adidas were originally supposed to be sold through Nike. That is, until Kanye freaked out because Nike also had deals with Eminem and Pharrell. You could be in worse company, Kanye.

  • Kanye vs. J.T.


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    When Justin released his comeback single "Suit and Tie," Kanye was anything but kind. The two later settled their beef, which is good because everyone likes Justin Timberlake. Everyone!

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  • Say Sorry


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    After Jimmy Kimmel aired a video spoofing Kanye, Kanye got mad and tweeted a bunch of insults about Kimmel. As if Jimmy really cares that Kanye thinks he looks like Spongebob. 

  • No One Messes With Jay Z


    Image via Felipe Ramales / Splash News

    Jay Z and West have a long history. But recently, after it was rumored that Jay didn't congratulate Kanye on his wedding, Kanye took Jay's name off a few songs they worked on together. Doesn't Kanye know, nobody messes with Jay Z? Nobody!



    Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

    Kanye's most recent collection for Yeezy did not get great reviews. So Kanye did what every designer does when they receive negative reviews -- he tweeted his rage in ALL CAPS! That must mean Kanye was really mad.

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  • Can I Borrow $53 Million


    Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash News

    Kanye is rumored to be $53 million in debt. Now that's embarrassing!

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