Jessa Duggar Confesses That She's 'Failed' as a New Wife (VIDEO)

God bless Jessa Duggar for keeping it real about not being able to cook. Because she grew up in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's household, I'm sure I'm not the only one who just assumed that she could cook?


The 19 Kids and Counting star set the record straight, though, in the premiere episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On on Tuesday, March 15. Jessa has been married to Ben Seewald since November 2014, and apparently, she hasn't learned the "wifely" art of cooking a home meal.

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The mom of 4-month-old Spurgeon attempted to make a family Fall Feast, including cooking two turkeys of different sizes. I actually can cook, and I cringed a little bit about this. It is hard to cook a turkey, let alone two different-sized ones that are supposed to be done at the same time.

Jessa had my heart though, by admitting that butter covers a host of sins when cooking a turkey. It really does! Just take a look, and try to find fault with Jessa's way of cooking.

But what about Jessa's cooking skills in general? Ben Seewald was as sweet as possible when addressing the subject, but even so ... it was obvious that Jessa has not been impressing him in the culinary department.

Jessa even admitted, "Since I've gotten married, a couple times a month I'll actually cook a meal ... It's kind of terrible."

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I sort of love that Jessa kept it real about her cooking skills. Hey, not everyone is a natural at everything they attempt, right? And I hope that Ben loves Jessa, the mother of his gorgeous son, way more than he loves her cooking skills. And I hope that he loves her enough to always say that whatever she makes is delicious.

I mean, butter goes a long way, doesn't it?


Image via TLC

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