Rumors That Blac Chyna Is Pregnant With Rob Kardashian's Baby Aren't Hard to Believe

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Dear lord, say it isn't so. According to a few reports, Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby. Yes, really. After questionable photos of Blac Chyna surfaced -- and her supposed new and improved lifestyle was revealed -- the rumor mill is working overtime, claiming Chyna has a Kardashian bun in the oven. Someone get Kris Jenner a fainting couch. 


After Chyna posted a photo to Instagram where her stomach looks the tiniest bit bloated (please), the world started freaking out, wondering if she's pregnant.


A photo posted by (@blacchyna) on

Not exactly sure what her stomach usually looks like, but her tummy looks pretty normal to me. Maybe it's just a weird angle? Maybe she just ate a burrito? Hard to say, but if you peruse the comments next to the photo, everyone is calling "pregnant."

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Here's where things get a little fishy, though. Rob and Chyna are currently vacationing in Jamaica together, and according to sources, Chyna is avoiding any and all alcohol and abstaining from "smoking weed." An insider reportedly told, "Chyna has given up smoking weed and drinking champagne. And for anyone that knows Chyna, she wouldn’t do anything so drastic -- especially in Jamaica -- unless something was up." The source also claims that Chyna is going to reveal the big news when she's in her third trimester, which is evidently just a few weeks away. 

No doubt, Chyna has been a positive influence on Rob's life. He appears happier and healthier than he has in a while lately, thanks to her. But the couple did reportedly just split up a few weeks ago and then get back together. That's definitely not a good sign. Especially if they're planning on raising a child together. 

Never a dull moment in the Kardashian family, that's for sure! Let's just all hope that if Chyna is in fact pregnant with Rob's baby, the Kardashian-Jenner clan can put aside their differences with the couple and be as mature and supportive as possible for the little one. Should be easy ... right?


Image via MOVI Inc./Splash News

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