Josh Duggar's Return From Rehab May Be the End of His Marriage to Anna

Anna Duggar may be having a harder time than we thought, now that her husband is out of rehab. Ever since Josh Duggar was released from six months of intensive therapy, things haven't exactly gone back to normal with the 19 Kids and Counting couple.


What is normal, anyway, after you find out that your husband and the father of your four children used infidelity site Ashley Madison to be unfaithful?

Josh checked himself into a faith-based rehab facility last August, the day after he was caught with two accounts on Ashley Madison. He admitted to being unfaithful and being addicted to pornography, and called himself the "biggest hypocrite ever," since he spent years in the public image as the ultimate family man, as well as advocating for traditional family values.

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Anna has spoken publicly on her desire for God to restore her marriage, but it might not be as simple as that. According to an insider who spoke to, Anna feels like her future isn't entirely set in stone.

Josh left rehab on March 10 but has stayed out of the public eye. It's likely that he and Anna are at the family compound in Arkansas, where Anna has been living with their kiddos, Mackynzie, 6, Michael, 4, Marcus, 2, and Meredith, 8 months. In December, Anna made her intentions to try to work things out with Josh clear on the TLC special Jill and Jessa: Counting On, but she may be thinking differently now that they're face-to-face.

According to the source, things have been "sensitive" between Josh and Anna, and also that she's apparently getting some pressure from friends to divorce Josh. That's certainly not what we've been lead to believe so far -- it actually seems like Anna's gotten a lot of pressure to stay married no matter what!

It's got to be tough after the shelter of rehab. We may have been watching Josh and his family the last six months, but he's been in media lockdown, without any real idea of what it's been like for his family to be under such intense scrutiny.

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The source confirmed that Josh is indeed uncomfortable with how things have been since he got back home. "He sees people looking at him differently and he knows they are talking behind his back," the insider shared. "There are lots of mixed feelings from not only people in the community but from his family as well. His sisters especially are having a hard time coping with having him back in their fold. As much as they want to be forgiving, it is hard to forget everything he has done."

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... just because you're able to forgive someone for wronging you doesn't mean you need to stay married to them. I hope that Anna makes the decision based on what she wants -- not what she thinks is expected of her. 


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