Joey Feek's Hometown Fans Pay Tribute to the Country Star With Moving Sing-Along

hometown fans sing-along joey feek

Following the private funeral of 40-year-old country singer and mom Joey Feek, fans gathered for a musical tribute in the Alexandria-Monroe High School gymnasium in Alexandria, Indiana, to remember their hometown hero.


In the packed gym, Feek's devoted friends and fans honored her by singing some of her favorites, including "Lean On Me," and listening to the moving words of Joey's husband Rory, her sisters, her former teachers, and even her basketball coach.

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The touching tribute followed Rory's heartfelt blog post, in which he shared images from his wife's funeral.

While our hearts break for this family, especially Joey's 2-year-old daughter, Indiana, what a wonderful way to honor her life. As Indy grows up, she will always be able to look back and see how her mother moved and inspired all those who knew her.

Though this may provide just a small bit of comfort to Feek's grieving husband and little girl, in years to come having these memories will, hopefully, offer solace when they need it most.

For fans who've followed Feek's heartbreaking journey, gathering together to lift their voices may have given them a small sense of peace as they said their final good-bye to the woman whose courage and grace lives on in their hearts.


 Image via roryandjoey/Instagram

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