Dear Body-Shamers: Leave Zendaya Alone -- She's the Best Role Model We've Got

Well, this is just another reminder to everyone that people are mean. Right now all eyes are on Difficult People creator Julie Klausner, who started a Twitter feud with Zendaya about the K.C. Undercover star's weight. You thought we were past the point of women calling out other women about how they look, but you were wrong! Obviously.


March 12 was the Kids' Choice Awards, and Zendaya took home the award for favorite female TV star. In her acceptance speech (which was beautiful, by the way, and you can watch it below), Zendaya talked about how grateful she was to be part of positive TV programming for young people, and how much she loved being a role model for young girls.

So Julie Klausner looked at that and went, "She's too skinny." Then she went to Twitter, and tweeted this:

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Zendaya shot back with this:

She's referencing the Insta-essay she wrote to Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne last year after they made kinda racist comments about her hair. This girl cannot catch a break, I tell ya.

Anyway, Klausner continued:

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Like, I get it's Klausner's "thing" to be mean, but can't you be mean to Donald Trump? Or something? Zendaya is 19 years old.

And here's what I don't get: Yes, there are girls growing up thinking they're too fat. But there are also girls growing up thinking they're too skinny. It wouldn't be helpful (or realistic, really) to only show girls role models who are of average weight -- it's more valuable for everyone to see a range of women with a range of bodies who know they're beautiful and who are talked about like they're beautiful. 

Zendaya gets it:



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