North West Gives Kim Kardashian the Stink Eye for Trying to Sing (VIDEO)

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North isn't amused. In a new Snapchat video Kim Kardashian posted, the reality star attempts to show off her vocal stylings while she's driving. The only problem? Her daughter isn't having it. In fact, North throws shade at Kim for trying to carry a tune, and, um, it's kind of easy to see why. Sorry, Kim!


As you can see, Kim films herself while it looks like she's driving (always safe), singing along to hubby Kanye West's song "Famous." North doesn't think it's a good look, and Kim, having the sense of humor that she does, gets a good laugh out of her daughter's reaction. Check it out:

Gotta love kids for keeping their celeb parents down to earth. North pretty much just wants her mom to stop singing her dad's song. #toddlerproblems

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On another note (heh), how adorable is it that Kim has been including North in so many of her Snapchats? We don't get to see the little cutie in action too often -- and Kim's Instagram typically is photos of herself -- so it's such a nice change of pace. Of course we love Kim, but come on. What's cuter than North? Especially North giving her mom the stink eye. 

If there are two people that will always keep Kim Kardashian down-to-earth, it's North and Saint West. They don't care if their mom is the hottest, most famous woman in the world, they just want her to stop singing. 


Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

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