Kate Middleton & Prince William Thrown Under the Bus by the British Press

kate middletonOh, snap! After adorable photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William skiing with their kids in the French Alps were released, criticism about the royal couple's lack of work began surfacing. The British media trashed the duke and duchess after seeing the pictures, claiming that couple is more concerned with vacationing than working and making public appearances. 


Evidently, Prince Willliam's work schedule was recently released and it came to light that his 94-year-old grandfather, Prince Philip, made more public appearances than he did in 2015. It was also revealed that the duke works half the time as a regular citizen. (Does that really come as a surprise?) Kate was also criticized by PETA (shocker) for wearing gloves that were supposedly lined with possum fur. 

While it is a little surprising that Prince Philip made more appearances than his grandson did last year, it seems like the duke and duchess are always trashed when they dare to take a vacation. Sure, their lifestyle doesn't exactly scream "hectic" or "need a holiday," but wouldn't most people in their position jet off on occasion? And let's not forget, they're giving their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the gift of beautiful family memories. 

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Kate and William have without question brought a huge interest and support to the royal family that Britain hasn't seen in years. Between that, the fact that they've had two kids in the last two and a half years, and the fact that they seem to make plenty of public appearances, really, what's to criticize? Kind of sounds like the people of the British press are just #jealous. And who wouldn't be when they're sitting behind a computer screen, staring a gorgeous photos of people on vacation? Again. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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