Shonda Rhimes & Her Star-Studded Mom Posse Declare They're With Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Shonda Rhimes has become the most powerful woman on TV by transporting viewers to ShondaLand, a magical place where women rule. Now Rhimes and the actresses who play her heroes are calling on us to put a woman in charge for real — by electing Hillary Clinton as president.


Rhimes, along with her posse of fellow Hollywood moms including goddess Viola Davis, everyone's dream BFF Kerry Washington, and OG ShondaLand lady hero Ellen Pompeo, made a video endorsing Hillary Clinton. Together they explain that if you love Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Grey's Anatomy — shows in which women are the ones fighting and failing and making the big calls -- then you have a chance to make that a reality ... by electing Hillary Clinton.

They make a pretty decent case too.

"Every day I get up and play a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get-it-done woman," Washington, Davis, and Pompeo take turns saying.

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But it's Rhimes's own explanation for the big, star-studded endorsement that says everything you need to know about why these women support Clinton.

"I make television with the kind of characters I imagine we all can be," Rhimes says. Then the women take turns again, explaining themselves, and Clinton too. "Strong, but flawed. Human, but extraordinary."

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"Our characters are on television," Washington continues and Rhimes picks up. "But the real world has Hillary Clinton."

Now there's no doubt this is a major endorsement for Clinton to pick up, especially in light of the enthusiasm gap between Clinton and Sanders, who is regularly packing tens of thousands of supporters into his rallies. Clinton also just lost the Michigan primary to Sanders, which was an unexpected, and not insignificant, setback for her campaign.

But this video endorsement delivered straight from ShondaLand has got to give Clinton a much-needed lift. Here are a handful of the most popular women on the planet telling Americans that if we love them, then we should love Clinton, too. Kinda beats the hell out of a pile of steaks.

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As a feminist and a fellow mother who unapologetically supports Hillary Clinton, I am tickled for two reasons by seeing these women make such a passionate case for Clinton.

First, no one is going to argue that ShondaLand isn't an amazing place to be and that for most of us "gladiator" is pretty much every Sandal lover's dream job. But besides good old-fashioned drama and sexy fun, ShondaLand shows us all a world where women are in charge. And it's totally fine! No anarchy. Nothing shuts down over someone getting her period. A world where women rule isn't just okay, it's amazing.

Change is scary, and seeing a woman sitting behind the big Oval Office desk is going to be a huge mind shift for plenty of Americans, so it's really helpful for us to be able to see — and get comfortable with seeing — women run stuff. Because whether you are a Hillary supporter or not, we're all going to need to get over our collective apprehension of women with real power. ShondaLand is that girl-power simulator.

Second, Seeing Washington, Pompeo, Davis, and Rhimes make such an unapologetically feminist statement was a welcome addition to the conversation about modern feminism, which has been noticeably lacking Generation X voices lately. From Kesha to Taylor Swift to Lena Dunham, millennials have been throwing their influence behind feminism, and as a Gen X woman, I have been waiting for their older sisters in the struggle to weigh in a little more often and loudly. This is a nice start, but we could use a little more from my generation's most famous women. Angelina? Gwyneth? One of the Friends stars, maybe? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can only do so much.

But as celebrity endorsements of presidential candidates go, you can't get any more important — or fabulous — than these four women saying they're "with Hillary." Because let's face it, she's just about the closest thing we've got to a real-life gladiator. With just a dash of messy drama included.


Image via Hillary Clinton/YouTube

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