16 Old-School Kourtney Kardashian Pics That Show How Far She's Come

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Out of all of the Kardashian-Jenner girls, Kourtney Kardashian definitely is the one who's managed to look somewhat the same throughout the years. Or so it seems. Kourtney still looks as fresh-faced now as she did all those years ago when the family first started becoming famous, but there certainly are things about the mom of three that are so different. From the short hair days to her stint as a beret-wearing American (yes, really), her appearance actually has evolved a little bit over the years. 

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Kourtney has always, always looked looked fantastic -- there is aboslutely zero doubt about that, of course. And as much as it doesn't seem like she's changed that much, it is actually pretty easy to see how she's evolved and matured over the years, as people tend to do. 

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Obviously it's completely normal to change over the years, but it's just interesting to see Kourtney's changes because most people would assume that she hasn't really changed at all.

Here are 16 throwback pics of Kourtney Kardashian that so don't look like her now. 

And Kourt, keep slaying, mama.

We look forward to keeping up with this lovely lady for many, many more years to come.

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