Kim Kardashian Posts Nearly Nude Snapchat Because She's Clearly on a Roll

kim kardashian

Despite the fact that she looks unbelievable lately -- and that she just had a baby! -- Kim Kardashian still misses her pre-baby body, apparently. In a new Snapchat, Kim showed off a picture of her pre-Saint, possibly pre-North, self, looking gorgeous in a bikini, along with a kind of ridiculous, kind of hilarious caption. 


In the video, Kim circled the sexy poster of herself and wrote "I miss you" next to it. Cute, but does Kim know how amazing she looks now?

Gorg. But in other news, anyone else wonder if this is Kim's home gym? It's doubtful that Kim hits up her local Crunch, and being that there are posters of both her and Caitlyn Jenner when she was in the Olympics, there's a good chance it is. In which case, HOLY SH-T. 

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Good for Kim for being motivated to focus on her health and take some time for herself now and again. Definitely not easy when you're as busy as she is and have two small kids. But, hopefully, Kim still realizes how amazing she looks now. Flawless. 

With Kim joining Snapchat, no doubt we're all going to be treated to a host of fun videos from our girl. But let's start a petition to have her take some video of her house. If this is the gym, lord knows what the rest of her place looks like. 


Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News 

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