Kate Middleton Wears a Little Bit of Fur & PETA Freaks Out

kate middletonWhile we were all living vicariously through the royals and their latest winter wonderland excursion with the kids, PETA is coming down hard on Princess Kate Middleton for wearing what are believed to be fur mittens. Could it be true?


Because the royals are huge supporters of wildlife conservation, PETA feels it is quite hypocritical of the Duchess of Cambridge to be wearing what are suspected to be possum fur–lined gloves made by Alexski. Oops.

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It's as if no one saw those ridiculously adorable red cheeks of Prince George or the sweet marshmallow look of Princess Charlotte. (Could she move her arms, I wonder?!) Never mind the matching pom-pom hats Kate and Will appear to be wearing, and forget the fact that Kate's makeup is flawless despite the falling snow. Nope. Let's feast our eyes on those gloves that are making animal activists upset. I'm impressed they were even noticed.

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I get it. I do. I suppose. PETA mentioned how possums are killed for their fur and it's obviously awful. If she is wearing fur, Kate has got to expect this being a royal. And PETA is currently doing some research to see if in fact Kate's hands were being kept warm thanks to some unlucky possums. And if they were, I would bet that Kate (and her royal crew) are thinking of their statement on the matter. No doubt if it comes to that Kate will say something classy and perfect. Because even if the princess had possum fingers during this family trip, she'll find a way to make it all right again.


Image via Splash News

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