Kim Kardashian Throws an F-Bomb at Her Haters in New Snapchat Video

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Okay, this is getting weird. From the looks of things, Kim Kardashian has turned over a new leaf recently, and that leaf seems to be a little salty. The usually gracious reality star has gone on a few (somewhat-warranted) rants to her haters in the last few days, but now she's taking things a step further: Kim posted a nasty message to Snapchat on Wednesday. What has gotten into her? 


In the Snap, Kim is fixing her hair in the camera, looking gorgeous as always. However! In the background, Lily Allen's song "F-ck You (Very Much)" is playing. And it definitely isn't an accident. Check it out:

Hmm ... This really doesn't seem like Kim. She certainly doesn't deserve all of the criticism she receives and has every right to fire back, but damn. Between her Twitter rant, blog post, and this, she's kind of belaboring the point here. Not to mention, she made some great, cogent points in her blog post that probably brought a few people over to her side. Why say "fuck you" to everyone afterwards?

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Regardless of what you think of her, Kim has accomplished an incredible amount in the past few years. And like she said, the whole "sex tape" thing really is just ridiculous at this point. But seeing her post a "f-ck you" message to Snapchat when normally she seems quite engaged and connected with her followers (the people who've helped make her who she is) isn't a great look -- and it's one that certainly hasn't earned her husband any fans. 

Anyone in Kim Kardashian's shoes would get sick of all the sex tape jokes, and the criticism, and the negativity. But she's made her point and can continue to make her point without engaging in such negativity herself. She's better than that. 


Image via Bauer-Griffin/ News 

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