Miley Cyrus Throws Major Shade at 'Fuller House' Star Jodie Sweetin -- How Rude

With friends like Miley Cyrus, who needs enemies, amirite?! The onetime Hannah Montana decided to throw some major shade at Fuller House's Jodie Sweetin by posting a photograph to her Instagram page that showed Jodie back when she was (probably) not at her best and sober-est. 


It's been pretty well documented that Sweetin had some issues a while ago. Known for playing middle child Stephanie Tanner on Full House, Sweetin battled a super-nasty crystal meth addiction that nearly destroyed her life. Now she's been five years sober, has an adorable new baby named Zoie, and is obviously trying to move on with her life. So Miley, what's good? 

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This is so lame, and all of Miley's Instagram followers think so too with comments like: 

Jodie did it before you. If you're following in her footsteps...time to hit rehab and fix your life @mileycyrus . Not getting enough attention, are we? #hypocrite


Screw you Miley!


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I hope Sweetin wasn't hurt by this BS and continues to stay healthy and love her baby and live her life to the, um, fullest. Fuller? Regardless, lame move, Miley. 


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