14 Celebrities Who Were Stalked by Creepy Fans (PHOTOS)

Stephanie Elliot | Mar 12, 2016 Celebrities

Celebrities live glamorous lives, but some of them have to deal with pretty crazy fans. In some cases, super fans turn into bona fide stalkers, following celebrities around and even breaking into and entering their homes. From having top-of-the-line security systems to emplying teams of body guards to keep themselves and their families safe from creepy stalker fans, the stars don't always have it easy.

When a crazy person sends hundreds of letters professing his undying love, or a stalker jumps a fence and breaks into a home, things escalate from scary to downright terrifying. These famous stars have been victims of some seriously creepy stalkers! This is one part of stardom that would make most people nervous — and rightly so! Check out these 14 celebrities who have been stalked by creepy fans.


Images via Handout/Splash News/PWPG/MediaPunch/Mediapunch/Corbis


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