Footage of Prince Charles as a Baby With the Queen Mum Is Just Adorable (VIDEO)

prince charles queen elizabethSeeing footage of a 23-year-old Queen Elizabeth with her baby son Prince Charles is so sweet. And yes, the royals were hip to video recording devices even 60-something years ago. Check out the adorable video of the young mum doing all the things moms do with their little ones.


Clarence House marked the occasion of Mother's Day -- which fell on March 6 in England this year -- by releasing this video:

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I can't help but think of Prince George and Princess Kate Middleton. I also can't help but think of Prince William and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles was such a cutie pie! And Queen Elizabeth was simply gorgeous -- so elegant, so lovely. Apparently there is a lot of footage from when Charles was just a kid, and how great that is for the whole family -- George and Charlotte will be able to see their great-grandmother when she was a young mom to their grandfather.

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She's a playful mom, Queen Elizabeth. I love how she tries to coax Charles into walking by leading him along with his toys, and then there is the cute mommy-waving-from-window moment. I love the couch tickles, too. But most of all I love seeing Charles and the queen in this way -- no matter their stature, this is just a mother and son having sweet moments together.


Image via Splash News

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