Prince William & Kate Middleton's Ski Trip With the Kids Is Everything (PHOTOS)

prince william

Holy adorableness! Prince William and Kate Middleton took their kids skiing in the French Alps recently, and man, snow looks good on their entire family. The duke and duchess joked around in the snow, bundled up their babes, and had what looks like an amazing day the kids will always remember. Okay, maybe not Charlotte. Or George. But still! So cute!


Not sure how much skiing the royal couple managed to get in, but no doubt, their little ones were relishing in the powder. And goodness, Charlotte has grown so much. Her teeth! And, not surprisingly, the duke and duchess look like they're in some sort of winter apparel ad. Here are a few pics:

kate middleton

The whole family. Too cute! Little Charlotte's boots and George's stance: #adorable.

prince william

Daddy-daughter time. They look so much alike here!

princess charlotte

Mama-daughter time. It's like Kate is holding a mini Prince William!

kate middleton

And the requisite "snowball fight" pic. Man, looks like Kate is "really getting" Wills. 

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It isn't every day that we get to see pics of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, so we'll always take what we can get. But when there are shots of the little ones bundled up like like snow bunnies, it's all the more exciting. Such a beautiful fam.

Hope you're enjoying your vacation, guys. And feel free to share more pics any time! We love looking at you two, but no offense, your kids are slightly cuter. 


Images via Splash News

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