Rory Feek Shares the Pain of Moving on Without Wife Joey

Joey Feek, from popular country music duo Rory + Joey, lost her battle to cervical cancer on Friday. She was just 40 years old. Joey was the mother of three -- two teen stepdaughters and a daughter named Indiana. Joey learned of her diagnosis shortly after Indiana was born. And now her husband Rory shares that he is "making plans that I hoped we would never have to make."


Just days after losing his wife, Rory took to Instagram to share a photo of exactly where his heart was following his loss: 

...making plans that I hoped we would never have to make.

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Rory also took to his blog to post about how Joey had received a video message from one of her heroes before she passed. This is so heartbreaking to watch.

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Even though none of us knew this couple personally, we felt like we were part of their journey as Rory shared the struggle of his wife's illness with the world. I like to think that their bravery and honesty gave others who are dealing with cancer strength and peace while spending time with their own loved ones. It was so touching that Joey was able to spend Christmas with her family and celebrate her daughter's second birthday before she died. 

This couple showed us that even though milestones like weddings and births and other life events can be celebrated on social media, death and illnesses can be shared as well -- and with a grace and beauty that lets fans and loved ones feel connected to a family that so many held so dear. I think Joey knew how many lives she had touched before she left this earth, and I hope Rory and his family know how many people are keeping their family in their thoughts and hearts. 

Image via roryandjoey/Instagram 

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