25 Celebrities Who Are Proud of Their Irish Heritage

No need to wait for St. Patrick's Day to applaud these most dazzling celebrities, all of whom have ancestral ties to the Emerald Isle, which they consider integral to their cultural and ethnic identities. There are tons of talented actors, musicians, and athletes who are proud to claim their Irish roots, and sometimes they use their public platform to show it. What better time than now to recognize some of these Irish gems!


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It's always nice to see celebrities be proud of their heritage and values. From Colin Farrell, who wears his Irish roots like a badge of honor, to Saoirse Ronan, who has worn green to major awards ceremonies as a tribute to Ireland, and Daniel Day-Lewis and Bono, who have explored the real-life experiences of their countrymen via film and music, these Celtic cuties shamrock our world. 

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However they choose to pay homage to their homeland, it's pretty awesome that they do. Many of them have even gone back to visit Ireland and learn more about their heritage (which sounds amazing, by the way)! 

Here are 25 famous faces with an Irish background who are not afraid to claim it! 

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