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16 of Kate Middleton's Most Impressive Brooches (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonShe's stylish and beautiful with the fashion world at her fingertips, which obviously means she can rock the perfect accessory like nobody's business.

It's definitely not something most women wear on a daily basis, but Kate Middleton has somehow managed to turn the brooch into the hippest fashion statement. Hey, a little extra bling never hurt a gal, right? Check out some of Kate's most chic brooches -- we wouldn't mind borrowing them on occasion!


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

image via R Chiang/Splash News

1Oh, Canada!

Kate shows her respect for the country while visiting Canada.

Image via James Whatling/Splash News


Kate's lovely brooch is hard to miss. She wore these poppies on Remembrance Day to honor veterans.

image via Splash News

4Hairy Situation

Part overgrown garden, part brooch. Okay.

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

5Come to the Balcony

Kate's brooch pales in comparison to William's various medals, but at least it's something!

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

7Take Me to Church

Kate stops on the church steps to show off this gorgeous brooch.

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

8Small but Mighty

The small red poppy looks beautiful against the blue.

Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

10Getting Pinned

Kate's hair nearly hides her beautiful brooch, but it's there.

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

11St. Patty's Day

Another St. Patrick's Day celebration for the duchess.

Iamge via James Whatling/Splash News

13Seeing Red

Kate dazzles Denmark with this all-red outfit.

Image via Macpherson/Gillis/Splash News


Kate makes a statement while visiting Canada.

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