Kendall Jenner Allegedly Slugs a Photographer in Paris

We didn't know she had it in her, but apparently Kendall Jenner threw a punch at a paparazzo when he got way too close for comfort. The incident happened in Paris as she and pal Gigi Hadid were leaving a Balmain after-party.


From what People is reporting, the pesky photographer was exceptionally pushy and intrusive while trying to snap pics of the girls, which is when Kendall allegedly threw the punch. Her bodyguard quickly intervened, keeping both her and Gigi back and fending the photog off.

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We're not proponents of violence at all, but we kind of can't blame Kendall if she was trying to push the photographer out of her personal space, especially considering the mob scene that was probably occurring outside of the party. Not that we'd know, but no matter if you're dealing with paparazzi 24/7, you still want to feel safe and like your personal space is your own.

Thankfully the bodyguard acted quickly and was able to stop the situation from escalating. The last thing Kendall, Gigi, or anyone wants to be involved in is some crazy melee.

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Kenny has expressed her frustration with paparazzi quite a bit in the past. Since she seems like the most private of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it would make sense that they bother her the most. Hopefully one day there will be better laws in place to protect celebrities and any public figure from paparazzi. Until then, photogs better watch out for Kendall's right or left hook.


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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