Silver Fox George Clooney Whines About Being Too Old for Hollywood -- Seriously?!

There's no denying that ageism exists in Hollywood ... but the latest "victim" of it has us womenfolk rolling our eyes. At the ripe old age of 54, George Clooney has apparently decided that he's too old for Hollywood.


I know, right? I mean, Bruce Willis is about to be 61, and he not only just had two babies with his 37-year-old wife Emma Heming (Mabel Ray is almost 4, and Evelyn Penn is just shy of 2), but he also starred in multiple action flicks in the last few years! So no, sorry, George Clooney, but we're not buying that you're too old for Hollywood.

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The geriatric and decrepit (kidding!) actor sat down recently with the BBC to talk about his new film, Hail, Caesar!, and opened up about the "unforgiving" nature of aging onscreen. "I think nobody really wants to see anybody really age," the husband of 38-year-old Amal Clooney admitted. "You know, it's a very unforgiving thing, the camera is, and so aging becomes something that, you know, you try to do less and less onscreen. You try to pick the films that work best for you and as you age they become less and less."

Sorry, Silver Fox, we stopped listening when we saw your rugged mug at the top of this post. Wait, how old is your wife again? Please, tell us more about ageism in Hollywood ... You have our rapt attention.

All kidding aside, he did admit that the situation is "obviously a lot worse for women." You think? Is it that obvious? Um, yeah, it is obviously a lot worse for women in Hollywood than for men. So much so that actresses Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette got together to film a sketch about our last f***able days.

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Why is it that the (few and far between) actresses past 50 are applauded for their supreme skills in playing nuns, dowagers, and Hogwarts professors (all roles on Maggie Smith's resume, by the way), yet when they're sought after by hot males in a film, it's part of a plot device?

Hey, I totally get George Clooney wanting to call it quits on acting, especially since he's talking about getting more involved behind the camera as a director. I just wish he wouldn't blame Hollywood ageism for it. 


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