Scott Disick Reportedly Hasn't Seen His Kids in Over a Month

Ugh, it's always tough when parents break up, but we especially feel for Kourtney Kardashian right now. Her ex-partner and the father of her three kids definitely doesn't seem to be making an effort to be involved in their lives. In fact, sources say that Scott Disick hasn't even seen his kids in over a month.


According to Radar Online, Disick has been bar hopping around the country instead of trying to clean up his life so he can be an involved dad to Mason, 6, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 1. Things have apparently gotten so bad with the 32-year-old that Kourt won't even let him near the kids right now.

An insider confessed, "She told Scott that he is not allowed to see his kids until he pulls it together." He's been in and out of rehab for years, with his most recent stint ending about a month ago when he walked out of outpatient therapy. 

The source continued, "Kourtney said that he is a mess right now and she does not want him around the children in this condition." They explained, "He does not go to his outpatient sessions anymore ... Kourtney had told them those were mandatory if he wanted to keep joint custody of the kids."

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While it's been a month since Scott was photographed with the kids, the Kardashian clan has reportedly not given up on him. "They are trying to force him back into rehab before it's too late. Things are looking really, really bad right now," the insider confessed.

I really hope Scott is able to pull himself together. His kids probably miss him like crazy, and they don't get why Dad isn't around. Plus they're still so little -- this is precious time that he will never be able to get back.


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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