Kate Middleton's Bathrobe -- Yes, Bathrobe -- Has People Up in Arms

kate middletonIt's a royal faux pas. It's recently been revealed that Kate Middleton's bathrobe has her name emblazoned on the inside, because, duh. But some people are up in arms at Kate's title in said bathrobe. Instead of reading "Duchess Catherine," it reads "Princess Catherine." And as we all know, despite her being the future Queen of England, Kate's a duchess, not a princess. Somewhere in Kensington Palace, Queen Elizabeth is having a stiff drink right about now. 


As a wedding gift, designer Daniel Hanson presented William and Kate with his and her dressing gowns. William's came in a gorgeous navy, and, of course, reads "Prince William" on the inside; Kate's is in a luxe white and reads "Princess Kate." Despite the fact that Kate is often colloquially called "Princess Kate," some people got upset with the usage of the title in the duchess's official "dressing gown." 

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Hanson has come out and defended his decision by saying that the gifts were made before the wedding -- and before Kate's official title was announced. "Because they were presents, the decision about what to use inside had to be made before the wedding," Hanson told People. "Their titles weren't disclosed until the wedding, so we had to speculate on what she would be called."

The fact that people are getting up in arms over this is a bit ridiculous. It's a robe -- sorry, a dressing gown -- for goodness' sake. And Kate will eventually be queen, so, really, what difference does it make what she's called now?

The most shocking aspect of robe-gate isn't what's embroidered inside, but the fact that each dressing gown starts at around $3,200. "A dressing gown worth [$3,000 to $4,000] is for a specific kind of shopper," Hanson said. "It is for someone who has got everything and wants a little bit more."

Well, that certainly is Duchess -- or Princess -- Catherine all right. Must be nice!


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