Kylie Jenner Admits She's Known Caitlyn Was Transgender Since She Was a Little Girl

kylie jenner

Who knew? Well, Kylie, apparently! In a new interview with Wonderland magazine, Kylie Jenner admits that she knew her dad was transgender "her whole life." The reality star revealed, "I mean, obviously I knew about it my whole life, but it was never admitted to and then it was all said and done." She added, "I honestly just wanted to not be lied to. I just wanted honesty and no secrets." Pretty heavy stuff for a young girl to be carrying around.


Though it obviously was hard for her in many ways, it must have been a relief when Caitlyn Jenner finally came clean to Kylie. Being that they're in the public eye, there of course, were an incredible amount of issues to deal with, but Kylie must have been so happy that she wasn't being "lied" to anymore. 

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Kylie and a few other of the Kardashian-Jenner girls have said that they had an inkling that Caitlyn was a woman from a very young age, but who knew this was something Kylie was carrying around with her since she was super small? That can't be easy for anyone -- no matter how many family members you have or how rich and famous you are. That's a big thing for a little girl to know about. 

Since Caitlyn has come out, Kylie has also admit that she and her dad are actually closer than ever. Not only do they share the bond of a love of makeup, there's no longer any secrets between them and they can be totally open and honest with each other. And for both Kylie and Caitlyn, what's better or more important than that?


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