Kris Jenner's Bandaged Hand Is Inviting All Sorts of Questions (PHOTO)

kris jenner

Baiting the masses. On Thursday, Kris Jenner posted a rather strange, but quinessential Kardashian-Jenner photo to Instagram. In the pic, Kris Jenner is plugging Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook, Cravings, but instead of just posting a shot of the book itself, Kris posted her super bandaged-up hand gingerly touching the book. And now of course, everyone is all, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND, KRIS?!


In the shot, Kris revealed that she had hand surgery and she was bummed that she couldn't whip up some of Chrissy's yummy recipes, but that's where the info stopped:

Not sure the "relax haters" line was necessary there, but hey, to each their own. One source claims that Kris' surgery wasn't because of anything major, but instead a "bone spur on her middle finger, cysts and other issues." Kris is yet to confirm what happened, though. 

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Clearly, Kris wants a little bit of attention for this if she posted a photo of her hand. Of course, we all want a bit of extra TLC when we're not feeling well or hurt, but the decision to show something like this off when you're promoting a friend's book is a little weird. Whatevs, Kris. 

Hopefully, Mama Jenner will be on the mend soon and can start making some of Chrissy's recipes. No doubt, her kids -- and Corey Gamble -- are dying to dig into this delish food. Happy healing!


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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