Prince William & Kate Middleton Preparing for Historic Trip to Taj Mahal

kate middleton prince williamIt's hard to believe that Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William have never been to India before, but that's about to change. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to tour the country and will visit the Taj Mahal, perhaps posing for a photo in the exact way Princess Diana did back in 1992.


That iconic photo is the one where Diana is sitting on a bench with a full view of the beautiful Taj Mahal behind her. She is alone and just months after the photo was taken, Diana and Prince Charles announced their split. Royals take note. If posing in front of the mausoleum, take the photo together, not separate. (I'm overly superstitious.)

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They are traveling just the two of them, leaving the kids at home. It will be nearly two weeks away from their little ones in the beginning of April, but they have a lot of business to tend to. Besides visiting the wonder of the world, they also have plans to visit Mumbai, New Delhi, Kaziranga, and then Thimphu in neighboring Bhutan. There they will meet King Jigme and Queen Jetsun, new parents who are known as the "William and Kate of the Himalayas." This trip sounds incredible!

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Always looking to bring the world together in peace, the Prince and Princess want to further strengthen their relationship with the country and learn from each other in areas like youth, sports, poverty, culture, and the arts. It's another great mission that Will and Kate are partaking in -- they truly seem to want the world to be a place of connections and love and hope and working together for the future and for better things.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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