16 Stars Who Got Arrested During a Protest For Their Favorite Cause (PHOTOS)

Celia San Miguel | Feb 27, 2016 Celebrities

In the days of hashtag activism, it may seem like celebrities are all too willing to comment on social and political injustices from the comfort of their million-dollar homes, but there are actually a number of stars who have not only used their fame to shed light on these issues but have risked getting arrested to fight for what they believe is right. These activists have rallied alongside labor rights unions, protested against police brutality, staged sit-ins in opposition to oil drilling and logging initiatives, and participated in demonstrations to shed light on human rights abuses abroad.  



Martin Sheen holds the record for most activism-related arrests, with over 60 incidents, but plenty of A-list stars have been whisked away in cuffs for daring to speak out — among them Cynthia Nixon, George Clooney, and Susan Sarandon. Find out which stars were willing to earn a rap sheet in the name of justice! 


Image via Andrew Schwartz/Splash News



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