16 Celebrity Moms Who Were Honest & Real About Their Baby Weight

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16 Celebrity Moms Who Were Honest & Real About Their Baby Weight
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The joys of giving birth can quickly dissipate when we open our favorite celebrity magazine to see a star bouncing back from pregnancy in what seems like days, leaving our confidence at rock bottom. But not all celebrities take the hardcore approach and rock a six-pack weeks after giving birth. In fact, many stars, such as Pink and Hilary Duff, are downright real and inspiring, sharing the honest truth about what it's like post-pregnancy.

Every woman and every woman's body is different. We're individuals, after all. So after having a baby, there are a million plus ways we recover and rebound in body, mind, and spirit, and for most of us, everything takes time. A lot of time. 

Pregnancy and its aftermath take their toll in a variety of ways -- they can (and mostly likely will) zap our energy and ability to remember a dang thing, and while many women will lose the pounds they gained in pregnancy, some won't and probably not one of us will look the same as we did before pregnancy, no matter what we do. And that's okay! It's normal. We grew and gave birth to human beings! 

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Celebs are no different, but only some of them will speak openly about it. These 16 celebrities took the time they needed to lose the baby weight, focusing instead on what was best for themselves and their newborns, not the number on a scale or the opinions of others. 
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