Kate Middleton Wears Workout Pants & the World Basically Stops (PHOTO)

kate middletonBeing a massive fan of tennis, Kate Middleton took to playing instead of watching, which in turn gave us a look at the Duchess of Cambridge in the most delightful workout pants imaginable. We see her laughing and stretching and in action with a racket.


It was all part of a tennis clinic she attended in Scotland with Andy Murray’s mother Judy. Let it be known that Kate is quite the fan of tennis pro Andy, who is ranked number two in the world (and maybe even number two in Kate's heart ... behind Prince William, of course).

Feast your eyes on Kate's form. Her sportiness! Those sneakers (or should I say tennis shoes)! Those workout pants!

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kate middleton

Oh, Kate. How does she manage to still look so perfectly princess-y even when running around a high school gymnasium? And yes, that's where she was. This tennis coaching clinic was held at Craigmount High School and led by Judy Murray with a bit of help from Kate. Kate, of course, showed up looking like perfection in these Monreal London Tuxedo Track Pants that many of us will be saving up for because they cost over $300. Her sneakers are Asics trainers that will set you back around $125. Check out the baby blue on them. Kate just cannot resist her favorite color everywhere.

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The clinic had kids and adults learning whatever it is to learn about tennis from the duchess, making it the single most important sort-of sporting event that happened this week. And she's done more for those workout pants than anyone ever could.


Image via Andrew Milligan/WPA-Pool/Splash News

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