Kanye West Should Be Absolutely Terrified of Kim Kardashian Kicking Him to the Curb

Never mess with the Kardashians. If reports are true, Kris Jenner will wage a publicity war on Kanye West if Kim Kardashian ends their marriage. Kim and Kanye may be all good for now, but if his out-of-control rants keep up, there could be trouble in paradise, and that would mean bad news for Yeezy.


Initially there was a bit of cache to having a self-proclaimed artistic genius in the family, but now that Kanye and his ego have gone a bit outer limits in terms of speaking out of turn, momager Kris is getting a little fed up. According to Hollywood Life, she'll stand by him so long as Kim does, but she's none too happy about the toll his words are taking on the family image.

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Gossips say that if Kanye keeps it up and Kim bails, Kris will use her mad publicity skills to spin the conversation so that Kanye looks pretty terrible (although to be perfectly honest, we think he could do a good job of that on his own). Maintaining the Kardashian family image is important to the savvy businesswoman, and she's not about to let Kanye take down the empire she built with her kids.

This doesn't come as a major surprise to us. Kris does a darn good job of creating opportunities for her children, and if someone tries to diminish that, she knows how to take care of the situation. Don't poke the mama bear! Still, it's going to be hard to rein in someone like Kanye. Hopefully he settles down soon so that all can be right in the world once more.


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