Kris Jenner Just Bought Rob Kardashian a Pretty Stunning Bachelor Pad (PHOTOS)

Kelly Bryant | Feb 24, 2016 Celebrities

Considering all the arguing that seems to be happening within the family, we're kind of surprised to hear that Kris Jenner reportedly bought a pricey new home for Rob Kardashian. Conveniently, the $2.3 million home is situated in the same neighborhood as Kourtney, Khloe, and Kylie's.

The house is positively idyllic-looking, the kind of abode perfect for a family, although we're guessing Kris is praying hope against hope that Rob won't be settling down with girlfriend Blac Chyna for good. That being said, it would make a lovely starter home for a wealthy reality TV family.

Click through for a tour of Rob's new pad, then weep that you don't live there yourself. We'll be crying along with you.


Image via Photographers Group/Splash News

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