Kate Middleton Pays Tribute to Princess Diana With One Simple Accessory

kate middletonI think it's fair to say that if you were a princess, you'd spend time admiring the late Princess Diana. She was just so lovely. And that admiration is very evident in Kate Middleton, who seems to honor her mother-in-law in her style choices. Most specifically, her love of Tod's bowler bags.


After spending a lot of time looking through photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, it's very clear she loves two kinds of purses -- a simple clutch and a large bowler bag. She's reportedly had the same gray Tod's bag since she met the prince. And she has been seen carrying variations of the same bag in different colors through the years. That bag was also a favorite of Princess Diana's.

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Dubbed the D-Bag (try not to giggle), the stylish purse earned its "D" from Diana. I can't help but wonder if Prince William gifted Kate with some bags that belonged to his mom. It's certainly very sweet that the two women shared an affection for the same style of bag. Kate sure has the grace and elegance that Diana had, and it is clear that if Diana was still around today, she and Kate would probably have a very close relationship. They may even share clothes, jewelry, and purses. They would definitely share a great love for George and Charlotte.

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It may have not been intentional -- this shared fondness of the same kind of bag -- but it could be that once Kate discovered the fact, she wore these bags with a sense of pride. It's like a way to honor the grandmother of her children, a fashionable tribute to a woman who shared her sense of style. Her love of these bags will most likely also be passed on the Princess Charlotte. So sweet. So beautiful.


Image via Splash News

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