The Palace Is Forced to Defend Prince William's Dedication to His Royal Duties

Sometimes even royals can't catch a break. Prince William's royal duties came under fire by critics who say the father of two isn't doing enough, but the palace has quickly come to his defense to say otherwise.


Folks are all wound up over the fact that Wills has only attended two royal engagements so far in 2016 (keeping in mind that it's only February). The prince also maintains a part-time job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, for which he works 20 hours per week flying doctors to help save lives.

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The palace has said that William's selective schedule of royal duties is in an effort to comply with his job, ensuring that he has enough time to rest in between shifts since he is in charge of making sure doctors and patients get safely from one place to the next.

We're not exactly surprised that there are critics of Prince William, particularly because Kate Middleton came under so much scrutiny last year for allegedly taking too much time off after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. The people love their royals and want to see them out there working ... for them.

While it's understandable that people may be wondering what the royal family does all day, it hardly feels like William and Kate are slacking. Their charitable work feels very genuine, and the prince is helping in the effort to save lives, even if just part-time. Let's cut the guy a little slack.

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