20 Times Kate Middleton Looked Anything but Royal

20 Times Kate Middleton Looked Anything but Royal
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Kate Middleton
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She's the Duchess of Cambridge, indeed, but that doesn't mean Kate Middleton is all pomp and circumstance all the time. Besides, it's not like she was born into royalty -- she had to learn and adapt to it after snagging her handsome prince William. Which means that occasionally, she might want to dress down a bit more than the royals who came before her. And honestly, can anyone really blame the woman? We certainly can't.

Kate grew up solidly upper middle class, and didn't have the expectation of wearing a dress and heels and petticoat every single time she left the house. Sometimes she just wanted to look, well, normal! Plus she's always been so adamant about being a "regular" person while still holding a title, so we can totally see why she makes the effort to keep it simple sometimes.

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Add to that a love for the outdoors and sportsmanship, and of course she's not going to look like someone's classic definition of a princess at all times. Would anyone expect her to chase Prince George around on a field in stilettos? We didn't think so.

Under her gorgeous clothes and fancy title, Kate is a regular girl just like the rest of us -- and we love her for it. Here are 20 times she proved her royalty hasn't changed who she is as a person.

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