Even Queen Elizabeth's Dogs Live a More Royal Life Than the Rest of Us Regular Folk

queen elizabethQueen Elizabeth loves dogs, especially corgis, but she also loves dorgis, which are a dachshund-corgi mix. Her Majesty adores them so much that her four pups are treated like royalty as well -- they each have their own menu and eat off the finest of dishware.


Right now, Queen E has two corgis named Willow and Holly as well as two dorgis Candy and Vulcan. I really love her choice of names. She's known as a lifelong dog lover and has always favored the friendly breeds. They follow her around the palace and are very much a part of her life. And even though she is queen, she doesn't only rely on her hired help to walk and feed them. The queen enjoys taking care of her pups herself, taking them for strolls outside and sitting with them when it's dinnertime. They are all treated like royalty as well.

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While there aren't crowns for these dogs (that we know of), they are served their food out of battered silver and porcelain dishes. Fancy. They also each have their very own menu, full of specialized things each dog needs. Aside from the nutrition from the finest of ingredients, the pups get their herbal and homeopathic remedies mixed in.

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Perhaps most adorable is that when it's time to feed the dogs, they get into a semi-circle around the queen and are then served in order of seniority. I can imagine these pups, waiting patiently for their turn, and the queen looking ever so majestic, serving them their fit-for-a-queen foods. I love this side of her, the compassionate-for-animals side. And it makes sense for a queen who has done so much for so many people to have that love for animals, too.

Suddenly, I have a tinge of envy -- oh to be a dog in the palace.


Image via Steve Parsons WPA Pool/Getty Images

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