Prince William Might Make a Big Change to His Looks If Kate Middleton Gets Her Way

prince william

The (future) queen has spoken. Well, maybe. According to a report, Kate Middleton wants Prince William to get a hair transplant. Apparently, the duchess doesn't feel that the balding look is befitting for the future King of England, so they're going to be spending $30,000 to restore his former mane to all its flowing glory. Or, you know, not.


A supposed source told Celeb Dirty Laundry, "The future king must look younger and vibrant, and this will be achieved only if William has a full head of hair. Experts in hair transplantation have been dispatched to Kensington Palace -- in secret of course, royal courtiers reveal."

Hmm ... not sure how believable this story is, as it would be pretty odd -- and widely reported -- if Prince William suddenly stepped out with a fuller head of hair. Sure, he's balding, but who cares? He still looks great!

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When Kate and William first met, he, obviously, had more hair. But, guess what? They're older and wiser, and that's just life. Save for Jennifer Lopez, no one looks how they did 10+ years ago. It's hard to believe this story, since Kate still seems very much in love -- and very smitten -- with her husband.

If Prince William steps out with a hair piece or plugs or whatever in the next few months, needless to say, we'll all be shocked. Not only because it's a risky move for a royal, but because he looks perfectly good just the way he is.

prince william



Image via James Whatling/Splash News 

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