Kim Kardashian's Pic of North & Kanye Taking a Nap Is Too Cute to Resist (PHOTO)

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The cuteness is real, yo. Kim Kardashian shared a pic of Kanye and North sleeping on Sunday, and good Lord Disick is it adorable. But the best part? The fact that the two of them fell asleep in the middle of a store. Oh, to be 2! Or, you know, 38. 


Apparently, Kim, Kanye, and North went baby shopping with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for their upcoming bundle and Kanye and North found the whole thing to be a bore. Check 'em out:

Too cute! And man, North really knows how to get cozy in a store. Good for her. 

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It's kind of hard to blame North -- or Kanye -- for not being super into shopping for someone else's kid. It's probably exciting for Kim, who just had a baby of her own, since it's all still fresh in her mind. But North is likely like, "Where the Frozen toys at, Mom?"

It's so nice when we get to see the "dad" side of Kanye, who, obviously, is much different than Kanye the performer. Kind of makes you think his whole shtick really is just an act. 

Thanks for sharing, Kim! You know we all love the occasional break from the selfies so we can catch a glimpse of the loves of your life. Adorable.


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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