30 Times Being Kate Middleton Is Really Kind of a Drag

Kate Middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

Being a princess seems glamorous, right? Just look at the palaces, the traveling around the world -- oh, and the outfits! But sometimes it can be downright exhausting. (Not like we'd know ourselves, but we can imagine.) Sure, Kate Middleton handles her royal duties like a star, but sometimes it's pretty obvious that being Prince William's wife and the mother of two little royal kiddos kind of takes its toll.


Once in a while, we'd even go so far as to say we feel a little bit sorry for Kate -- you know, since her day-to-day life is anything but normal. (Okay, we only feel a little bit sorry, because like we said, look at those palaces.) Honestly, though, there really are certain instances where being a royal must be kind of a drag -- even for the woman we'd all love to be. Just imagine her hectic schedule -- she probably rarely gets a break, especially since being a mother is also a full-time job. It must be hard to always have a smile on your face just because cameras are flashing at you 24/7. But hey, these photos just make Kate all the more relatable. (For the record, Kate is doing a pretty inspiring job at juggling all those roles.)

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