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20 Times Penelope Disick Proved She's Kourtney's Little Fashionista (PHOTOS)

Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian is known for her perfect style, but her daughter Penelope may turn out to be an even bigger diva than her famous mom is.

Styled by Kourtney, Penelope keeps getting more and more fashionable by the day -- to the point where we can't help but ooh and ahh over how cute and put together she always looks! Being a celeb kid certainly has its fair share of perks, and rocking a wardrobe is definitely one of them. Check out some of Penelope's most stylish looks to date.


Image via Splash News

Image via Splash News

1Biker Babes

Leather jackets it is!

Image via SMX/Splash News


Love P's skirt!

Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

4Coat Check

Even for ballet, Penelope is perfectly accessorized.

Image via TC/Splash News

5Showered With Love

Penelope is too cute in all white for her mom's baby shower.

Image via Wylde/Splash News

7Strawberry Festival

Strawberry picking in style.

Image via Diabolik/Splash News

8Travel & Leisure

Penelope wears the perfect outfit for flying. Looks comfy!

Image via Splash News

10If the Shoe Fits

Love the shoes!

Image via Splash News

11Hats Off

Big headband -- total fashion risk.

Image via Jacson/Splash News

13Dress for Success

Penelope has the best summer dresses.

Image via Splash News

14Bathing Beauty

Best-dressed infant, for sure!


Image via kournteykardash/Instagram

16Diva in Training

In a family of well-dressed kids, Penelope is still killing it.

Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

17Costume Drama

Even in costume, Penelope is still winning at fashion.

Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

19View From the Bridge

Yellow jumpsuit -- love!

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